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Any child living in Ocean County that is undergoing chemo at no cost to the family

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Common symptoms

The more you know about how your hair will react to chemotherapy, the better prepared you will be. Here are some things that our experts want you to know:

Cancer and hair myths and facts

Myth: Your hair will fall out right after chemotherapy.


Fact: It usually takes 10-21 days after your first treatment for your hair to start falling out.


Myth: Your hair will come out in big clumps.


Fact: Your hair will gradually fall out as you brush and wash it like normal.


Myth: You should cut all of your hair off before starting chemotherapy treatment.


Fact: Shaving can lead to infections and ingrown hairs, so it's better to just cut your hair short prior to treatment.


Myth: Chemotherapy will always cause you to lose your eyebrows and eyelashes.


Fact: While some people lose their eyebrows and eyelashes, not everyone does. They may just become thinner instead.


Myth: After recovery, your hair grows back thicker and curlier than before.


Fact: In most cases, your hair will grow back exactly the same as it was prior to chemotherapy.

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We'll help you understand how chemo affects your hair!

• You may get a tingly or warm feeling in your scalp

• Your scalp may become tender a few days after treatment

• Your scalp may become drier than normal

• Your skin can become very dry

Wigs on Wheels LLC has the beautiful wigs you need to feel more comfortable after your hair has fallen out, post chemotherapy!

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